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7:30 Days of Gratitude


I wish I could love the mismatched frame look.  I really want a mantle full of our favorite photos in random beautiful frames.  Maybe I got one as a gift.  Maybe I found one at the thrift store.  Maybe I couldn’t resist one on sale.  Maybe one was a homemade.  Our pictures would be displayed in a hodge-podge of goodness.  The one thing that would bind all their randomness would be photos of family and friends.

But I’m not that woman.  I like my frames to be simple and match: black frames with white mats.  I dare say I’m a little boring.  Months ago, I got risky and decided to buy a canvas print of one of my photos.  I had a coupon and waited until the last possible minute to order.  The site was difficult to navigate and the company didn’t send a confirmation email or a notice that my print had shipped.  As the weeks flew by, I was convinced my print would never show up.  But it did and I really liked the outcome.  Simple.  And it looked really good with my current matching plain boring frames.

After I received my canvas, I started to think about creating a series.  In my head, a Good Mom has a group photo of her kids taken each year.  And she probably displays the best photo in a prominent place in her home.  I’m guessing it’s large too.  My head swirls with what Good Moms probably do for their family.  I decided I wanted to be that Mom and I ordered another canvas featuring my boys from 2011.  The first canvas was a photo from 2010.  But I knew I had to find a new vendor.  This time I used Easy Canvas Prints.


Guess what?  The name says it all.  Their site was so easy to navigate which is a huge plus for someone who has been so busy.  I knew if I didn’t start this new tradition, I wouldn’t do it.  And if their website was like the previous vendor, I would have smashed the computer and got busy with Real Housewives reruns.  A few clicks and I had my canvas.   The options were plenty and the prices were reasonable.  I ordered an 11×14 print of my boys.  I received a confirmation email.  Within a few days, I received an email telling me my canvas had shipped.  I only had to wait a little while for my product.  But, I worried.  As a photographer, you constantly worry about the final product when using a new vendor.   Even with a calibrated screen, I worry until I see it. “Will is look like the image on my screen?” was repeated until the package arrived.

Last week, I ripped open the package and held my breath.  It was beautiful.  Looks exactly like I had processed.  That’s the best thing for a photographer.  My vision was transferred to canvas.  And I’m on my way to becoming a Good Mom who hangs an annual photo of her boys.  Do your photos justice and print them.  Find a favorite.  Print it big.  And make it extra special by printing it on canvas.

Today, I’m grateful for the start of a tradition.  Today, I’m grateful for a good company to help me make that tradition happen.