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6 :: 30

There are a few sentences that bring me great pride when uttered about me:

  • You have very sweet boys.
  • Ma, I love you.
  • Your photography/writing is <insert kind words>.
  • Choice highly recommended you for birth photography.

The top three need no explanation.

I’m sure you also understand why being “highly recommended” feels good.  But let me dig a little deeper.

I have so much respect for Choice.  To watch them work is a thing of beauty.  The knowledge they give to the families is massive.  Their calm demeanor during active labor is skilled and honed.  Their tone when a woman needs to hear, “You’ve got this” is perfect.  I see the pain in the Momma’s eyes.  I see she might doubt herself.  But the Choice Midwives never do and then their next words fill the room with truth:  “A few more minutes you’ll be holding your baby.”

And once again, they’ve helped put another baby into the loving arms of his mother.

It’s inspiring to be in the supportive glow they help create at a birth.

Every woman should get to experience this kind of care and attention.

Click through and consider a donation to help women and families receive this attention.

So yes, “Choice recommends you” makes me so proud.

Because with any luck, I’ll get to watch them work one more time

6 :: 30

Choice exists and there are times I get to be apart of it.