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We moved.  You get that.  I can’t shut up about it.

Moving sucks.  As a good friend mentioned about her move, “I just wanted to come home and not do anything.”  I totally get that, but I have no idea when it will ever happen.

Today, I’m grateful for getting out.  I had to work in Michigan which means I get to stay in a hotel.  How luxurious is that?  A hotel!  A place that needs nothing from me.  Just my body hitting the bed.  Oh yes, y’all are jealous.

After having kids, I totally understood the glorious-ness of the work trip.  But in the past seven years, some of that luster has worn off.  Too many means a hard re-entry.  But that’s after a couple of weeks of Road living.  However if I’m not in a hotel and it’s been a month, the whole house gets nutty.  I love being out of the house.  I love what it does for the entire family.  I’ll ramble on and on about this fact later in the month because that’s how awesome a hotel visit is for a Mom.

But today.  Today, I got out of the house: a house where some of the outlets are exposed.  A house littered with 1/2 empty paint cans.  A house filled with “To-Do Lists”  Yes, I’m grateful to leave all that behind for one night.  I’m grateful to avoid the mess.  I’m happy for the random and uninterrupted Thrift store visits.  I’m thrilled to sleep in a super dark bedroom that I didn’t have to clean.  I’m happy to have a dinner without hearing, “I don’t like this.  OK maybe I do.”  I’m happy to drink free wine out of plastic cups.  I’m grateful to be alone without a plan.  I said it.  And I won’t apologize.  Being alone for a night is amazing.  Try it out.

Day 5: Getting out.