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5 :: 30

My One Second is my favorite project.  Maybe it’s because I don’t take it as seriously as the 365.  I almost deleted a clip because Becks was too yellow thanks to awful lightning.  I did delete a clip because it wasn’t the right orientation.  What I’m saying is, I don’t care if I miss a day or two.  Or three.   But I still love this project more than anything I’ve done.

Your babies move.  You hear a laugh.  Arms waves and feet kick up.  Your life flashes and pops.  Every month, I’m reminded of who I’ve seen and what we’ve done.  I see family and friends sneak in.  I love watching my life get smooshed and I get pissed that more people don’t do it or don’t share their months.

I’m six month in.  And all I see is how we’ve changed and how life hasn’t been that shitty.  The first few months I didn’t have a job.  It’s Becks heavy.  I remember the boredom and I remember the freedom.  I see the day I got a job.  I see the day Coop graduated Second grade, and I saw the day Becks ran to Kindergarten.  I watched our kids’ friends pop in and out of frame and I hope they always do.  I see the everyday crap I’ll still be doing in 15 years.  I watch my friends dance and realize I was dancing on the other side.  I see a good life.  And it flashes by as quickly on-screen as it does in my head.

Some people aren’t grateful for shit and sometimes it’s difficult to feeling grateful.  Forest and trees thingy-ding.  “Days are long and the years are short” deal.  I get sucked up in the drama of Everyday too.  But at the end of the month, the One Second gives me a wake up call.  It smashes Life into a nice little clip, it erases the drama, highlights the fantastic and the boring details and screams, “You better love me hard cause I’m what you got and I move fast.”


5 :: 30

For the one second of goodness.

6 Month One Second from Erika Ray on Vimeo.