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I had another gratitude photographed and the post was written in my head.  It was a pretty good one.  One that rarely happens these days.  Perfect for day 4.

But after lunch, I heard Coop scream from the backyard.  He came running in and pretended to be the dead squirrel he just discovered in his play path.  I’m not touching that thing.  He’s very lucky Mark was home or else he’d have to find a way to play around it.  We’ve got a decent size backyard, he could kick his ball in the corner.  Because I wasn’t about to clean up a dead squirrel.  “Mark!!” I screamed for him while he was standing next to me.  The grossness of a dead squirrel blocked my vision.  “You have to clean this up. This is your job,” I demanded.  He already had his shoes on and was scanning the garage for the shovel.  Coop showed him the final resting place and Mark shot me a disgusted look.  He scooped up the poor guy.  He gently and unfortunately laid the squirrel on top of our overflowing garbage.  Did a quick scan for an entrails or gnarled bones, and declared the space ready for play.  I consider it a really good day when there’s at least one task I get to avoid.  Sorry Mr. Squirrel for making my day.  I’m sure you wish the lawn needed mowed or a possum got into the house…  Today, I got to skip doing your burial.

Day 4: Jobs that I never ever have to handle.