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4 :: 30

  • Completed a long Monday at work.
  • Didn’t kill or scream at anyone.
  • Didn’t screw anything up.
  • The drive home was really dark and I hadn’t changed my car’s clock back, so you know how that felt.
  • I had awful cramps when I swore that I had stopped getting awful cramps.
  • Helped with a little bit of homework.
  • Seconds later left to grocery shop for the week.
  • Mark said he’s pretty sure he’s getting sick, so you know what that means.
  • Returned from the grocery and made a batch of freezer burritos.
  • Decided it made sense to make a batch of Sloppy Joes.
  • Unapologetically bought the Miley Cyrus album.
  • Put together my One Second month clip.
  • Seriously not apologizing for using the super camp 4×4 song for this month’s One Second.
  • Since it was the six-month mark, felt like it was only right that I did my One Second Six Month clip.
  • Wrote this daily blog post (it’s bullet but it took thought, People.)
  • Wrote tomorrow’s blog post because I’m having a work dinner.
  • Still in work clothes.
  • Poured a glass of wine.
  • Tucked two kids in bed.
  • Pretty sure I’ll fold a load of laundry after I hit Publish.
  • And I’m guessing I’ll tell the boys to go back to bed at least 2 times and I won’t verbally abuse them when I do it.
  • Pretty sure I’ll pour a second glass and not think twice.

4 :: 30

Realizing yet again I’m badass.



October 4 :: November 4 from Erika Ray on Vimeo.