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Spiky Red Triangle Disappears for a Month

If I took a Buzzfeed quiz about what color and shape my aurora would be, I can guarantee it wouldn’t be a Pink Fuzzy Orb.  I’d guess it’d be a Spiky Red Triangle.  I’m not Hallmark-y.  I’m not a hugger.  I’m not concerned or upset about it.  I’m just not those fluffy things.

So why the hell would I spend one month blogging about Gratitude?!  That doesn’t sound like something a non-fluffy person would do.  But every year, I complete it for two big reasons:

  1. Every guru/self-help/Buddhist/Christian/Oprah-like person says it’s important to not only be grateful but to spend time each day and write it down.  After 3+ years of doing it every November, I can say they’re right.  I can’t do it every day because that sounds silly.  But for a non-fluffy person, I think the 30 days gives me just the right amount of good gratitude residue for the year.  Maybe when I take the Buzzfeed quiz on December 1, I’d get an Not-So-Spiky Orange Triangle.
  2. I like a challenge.  Sure I could write 20 posts about health, family, friends, etc and 10 bullshit funny posts.  But that’s too easy.  And honestly, I am grateful for those 20 Big things every day.  For me, I mainly focus on the mundane bits of life.  I dig deep and celebrate the crap most people overlook.  Life is nothing without those moments and if you can’t hug the shit outta those things, life will be incredibly difficult. Who needs a more difficult life?  Not me.

Here are my rules:

  • Post every day in November with something I’m grateful for.
  • Sometimes there will be a picture and sometimes there won’t.
  • If I do write nicely about someone, I make sure to tell them.  I’m not great at publicly being ooey-gooey about someone.  I’ve gotten better at hugging Good-bye, but verbally telling someone “You’re the best”?  Nope.  Most people aren’t great at this and let’s be honest, it’s kind of awkward for all parties.  Plus I’m better at expressing my Love in writing rather than stammering it over dinner.  So if I write about my gratitude for someone, I make sure they know it’s coming.  In the end, your loved ones should know you love them.


I start on November 1.   You can too!

Don’t you want some residual goodness for the year? Post to your FB feed.  Post on my Facebook page or in the comments of my post.  Keep a log.  Shoot a photo with your big camera or shoot it with your iPhone.  Do it for 3 days or do it for 30.

I don’t really care how you do it, but it’d be fun if you did.  Make a non-fluffy person feel comfortable and get Huggy/Hippy/Smooshy with her.

<insert random pictures because people dig photos on a “Photography” blog> ***



*** Don’t be surprised if my Spiky Red Triangle self rears up and 30::30 is written something like “Thank god this damn project is over!”