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365 Tips

Or should I say 366?

I love this time of year.  Friends’ feeds full of 2/366, 10::366, or 8-366.

I’m a sucker for 365 projects for a couple of reasons.

  • I think it’s a perfect project to push a new photographer and to inspire a seasoned one.
  • It’s a big undertaking, but worth it even if you don’t write 366 :: 366.
  • I love seeing other people’s lives.  I’m nosy.

But look at the second bullet point.  Yes, it’s a huge undertaking.  And I think that’s the reason most don’t start.

I’m afraid I’ won’t finish.  I’ll get bored.  I can’t take a great picture EVERY DAY.  I can’t stay on top of the edits.  I’m sure I’ll forget a day.  What’s the point?

Those are all concerns, but just excuses.

  • So you don’t finish?  You’ve got a tons of great photos up until your last one.
  • Hell yes, you’ll get bored.  But you’ll also be inspired the other days.
  • You don’t have to take a GREAT picture every day.  You only have to take a picture.  But trust me.  You’ll shoot some breathtaking photos during the year.
  • You have to edit them.  It’s a habit that you need to create.
  • Ok, you forgot.  Check your phone.  Did you use that?  No?  Whatever.  Pick up the camera tomorrow.  And set an alarm.
  • The point is everything.  The point is you and your creativity.  The point is Everything if you want it to be.


366 Tips

  • Edit on a regular basis.
  • Keep your photos organized.
  • Know why you’re doing this huge project.  And then follow that path 100%.


In my gut, I just knew this would be her last day.  The next day the house was so dark and empty without her presence.  My heart is heavy when I look at these photos, but I’m grateful I took them and the dozens of other times she showed up in a 365.

  • Take your camera everywhere and get comfortable shooting in public.  Never apologize.
  • If you want your 365 to be a true reflection of your life, learn to deal with pissy light.


I wish I could say that I get jealous of those 365 photographers who never have awful fake light.  But I’m not.  My life is full of crap light.  So I deal with it.  And sometimes I enhance it.

  • Be ok with the shit-ass photos.
  • Be ok if you don’t feel the photo.  It will pass.


L: crap ass photo that I was ok taking. I literally just clicked.  I didn’t want to worry about taking a photo.  I actually didn’t want to take one.  So I just clicked and went on with the night.  Know when it’s important to be in life instead of documenting it.  R: This frame was planned as a throw away, but then I got sucked in and took many frames with different compositions.  Sometimes a shit photo blooms into something you actually care about.

  • Just shoot one photo a day.  That’s it.  One click.
  • Just because you think about quitting doesn’t mean you have to quit. Just keep shooting.
  • Just because you miss a day doesn’t mean you have to quit.
  • If do you quit, it’s ok!  Look back with pride.

Tomorrow, I’ll answer some questions asked on my Facebook page.  If you have anything specific, just ask!

  • Kaci Tellefsen - I needed this. Last night I took a picture and decided that after that, I was giving up on the 365. Again. My pictures are repetitive and boring. I work during the day as a school nurse. Not a lot of opportunities for picture taking. And it’s frowned upon to take pictures of other people’s children. So I’m limited to a very short amount of time before work and a few, very dark pictures in the evenings. These generally consist of the kids doing homework, or playing video games or watching t.v. Booooorrrring. I’ve never been good at shooting inanimate objects, which is something I could work on. In any case, your words have inspired me to press on. To keep at it. If nothing else, someday the mundane may be beautiful. And even if it means I get one really awesome shot every few tries. Thanks again!January 13, 2016 – 2:39 pmReplyCancel

    • Erika - I know exactly what you mean! “How many photos can I take of the boys playing video games?” and “Yup, the cat AGAIN.” This is the worst time for 365-ers. It’s dark by the time work ends and shooting at work is difficult if not impossible. But keep going. Please. Mundane is beautiful if you let it be seen that way. Find it. Accept it! You got this!!January 14, 2016 – 9:07 amReplyCancel

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