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365 Questions Answered


So let’s answer some questions from my Facebook page

  • If you take several pictures you love in one day – how do you handle those? 

It varies.  Some days when I’m really feeling it, I take lots of photos.  My first 365 I overshot.  Wanted a great moment everyday.  I also had tons of passion.  An obsession with photography, but my love has leveled out.  Photography isn’t all-consuming any longer much to my family’s happiness…  But other days I take one just to get it done and then later in the day, the boys are extra cute.  So my 365 pic turned out better than hoped.  Sometimes it’s one shitty photo.

  • Do you still edit and blog them or print them in a book along with the 365? Or do you keep them separate?

All my photos are imported into LR and organized daily and kept in monthly folders.  Not all are for the 365.  My 365s are flagged and in a LR collection.  I’m pretty diligent about keeping the 365s together. Because I upload them to Tumblr (Flickr in the past), I need to have them in order.   Forget to put one of the 365s in the mix and your count is off!  Day 246 could be Day 251.  There is nothing more annoying to be off in your count.  Stay on top of that…

I’ve done both: book and print.  I really enjoy the actual print in my hand.  Books are easy, but I haven’t found one that gives me the same thrill as an actual photo.


  • How do you stay on top of editing?? I can shoot daily ….well, daily is debatable let’s just say I’m working on that but I fall behind (really far behind ) when it comes to editing.

This is my biggest tip for any new 365-er.  Edit on a regular basis.  Please.  When you’ve got 2 weeks of images to cull and edit, it becomes overwhelming.  And if you’re already feeling uninspired by the project, it’s easy to quit.  Edit.  You don’t have to edit every single day, but you have to do it regularly.  Right now I can get away with editing once a week.  I also don’t take as many photos as I did my first couple of rounds.  I have less to cull and I’m pretty comfortable with my editing.  A few clicks, I’m done.  But please please, trust me: Stay on top of your edits!  It will get easier, I promise.

  • Do you try to plan shots or be intentional or do you just go through your days keeping your eyes open for the right moment?

A little mix of both.  I keep my eyes open.  “Planning” isn’t quite the right word.  I’ll admit it.  Here goes…  Sometimes I ask the boys to recreate a scene I just witnessed.   So how about recreating? But most of my photos are me just being present and aware in my life.  That’s my reason for a 365: My Life.  But every photographer has “pushed” a scene.

  • How do I stop?! I finished my first 365 on 12/31 and honestly the thought of stopping scares me. What I’m scared of exactly, I’m not sure I can articulate. The 365 takes up so much “space” that I’m not sure what would/should fill it. I’ve quietly kept shooting daily since…

You’ll know when you need to stop.  I think about quitting every single 365 project.  I think about quitting multiple times each round.  I quit once and it felt completely right after I got over my hang up about Quitting.  I kept on shooting afterwards, but I needed a break.  I still remember the first day I didn’t shoot.  I had to force myself to not use my camera.  I just had to stop.  I don’t regret it for one second.  I know a few people who have been going strong from 5 years.  That’s amazing to me!  I need a break in between and that break has always varied.


During those tough periods, remind yourself why you’re doing a 365 project.  If it feels forced or uninspired, stay put for a little longer.  I can look through each of my 365’s and feel the excitement or love I felt during that year.  I can also feel the pain and frustration.  I can see my growth and my inspired periods.

I can see my life.  And for me, that’s the point.

Find your point and follow it.  Chase it.

Let it be your guide.

You got this.


…all photos from last 365 round…
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