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Three Boys

You’ve seen the Reno’s before.  Becky and Clint were the first birth I photographed.

They also happen to be very good friends of our family.

I told Becky prior to Baby #3, “I might have a hard time keeping it together at your birth.”  She asked why.  When I photographed her second birth (my first), I had no idea what was going to happen.  Yes, I know where babies come from…  But I didn’t know Birth.  After shooting a handful, I kind of get it now. I know what’s coming and I was a little worried about my reaction during this birth.  I like to be as quiet as possible and NOT part of the action.  I was really afraid I’d break those rules because we are good friends.

But Becky was a good friend even during her labor and delivery.  She had the baby prior to my birthday weekend (no on-call for this Gal).  She didn’t bother having contractions all day and prematurely warning me about a baby coming.  “Oooops.  False alarm.  Sorry.”   When her water broke, she texted right away.  She didn’t drag out the labor (water breaking to baby: hour and 20 minutes).  There was never a long stretch of her being in pain (I really hate when Moms are in pain for a long time).  She didn’t utter once, “I can’t do this” (At births, I desperately want to scream “Yes YOU can!”.  I’ve caught myself whispering it at other births, but I was afraid I’d yell it at her birth).  And finally, she had the most adorable baby I have ever seen.  Yes, she was good to me. *

Dearest little one,  shortly after your birth, your Momma texted that she felt like a badass because she’s has three boys.  It’s true.  She is and always has been.  That attitude brought you into the world extremely healthy and faster than anyone imagined.  Your Poppa was so supportive and loving the entire time even as she dug into his arm (they laughed at this when he reminded her after you were born).  They will continue to bring these characteristics to your life : fearlessness, confidence, support, humor and love.  They will parent you with copious amounts of these qualities and will gently guide you towards your best life.  You will be surrounded by the most creative, supportive, and loving friends and family.  All of this will shape you into a pretty swell kid.  I’m not a psychic or simply spewing flowery words.  Nope.  It’s a proven fact. Look at your brothers.  See how great they are?  That’s your future, Kiddo.  And I’m honored, grateful, and so thrilled that I was able to be there from the very beginning.















* This is all a joke.  I’m not that big of a narcissist.  I understand she didn’t take my feelings into account at all during this birth.  She had him in at night and then turned off all the lights.  I think I was being kind by not flipping all the lights back on.  You’re welcome, Ms. Reno.


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  • Lori - You are so talented Erika and thermos you capture so gently are spectacular. Your being able to follow these up with charming and witty ways are the best! I such a fan. Not to add these warrior ms who are so fearless and beautiful to share these times are amazing! Love it!! Bring in the babies!!!!July 3, 2014 – 10:19 amReplyCancel

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