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3:30 Days of Gratitude

Tonight, I’m grateful for my husband.  I’m always grateful for him, but tonight is different.  This time tomorrow I’ll be roaming a different city with friends.  We’ll have fun for three full days.  I’ll have very little bouts with responsiblity.  And he said, “go”.  I’m pretty positive if he was the kind of guy that would say, “No” I never would have married him.  But Girl Weekends Without Strings isn’t something you think about when picking a mate.  It’s something you didn’t even consider.

He’ll be at home with the boys and I’ll be in Philly with the Girls.  He never worried about the money.  The money was there.  If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t go.  But he still never questioned it.  And this isn’t a trip 30 minutes by car to a cabin.  This is a flight, hotel, restaurants, and jaunts.  And that equals money.  But he says, “Don’t worry about it.  It isn’t everyday.” when it comes to spending money.  He didn’t tell me I could go only so he can go somewhere in the future.  He said to go and have fun.  He hasn’t whined about being a single-parent for three days.  He knows it won’t be easy.  Last night, he said “Breakfast, then lunch.  But what do we do after naps?”  He’ll figure it out and they’ll have fun.  Not as much fun as I’ll have, but I’ll try really hard to not rub it in.

I’m grateful for his push.  I’m grateful for his non-guilt inducing ways.  I’m grateful for his non-Tit-for-Tat attitude.  His trip will come because life is a cycle.  And I’ll be here to wave good-bye and wish him fun.  I’m grateful for him holding down the fort on a regular basis.  I’m grateful because I know the house will be clean when I come home on Sunday.  I’m grateful because I know he’ll be there too.


I’ll be keeping up with my 30 Days of Gratitude, but a post might not come every day this weekend.  I’ll slam you with photos of Gratitude when I get back.  Promise.