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Six = Boy

Six.  Those three little letters always define three other letters to me: Boy.

Five = Baby.

But Six is clearly in the Boy category.


He’s a boy now.  Not really a baby.

You don’t have to tell me that he’ll always be my baby, because I absolutely know that.  I’ve known that for years.  I’ve been baby-ing him since the second he came out and I don’t care.  I knew this when I said, “I swear to God, I will nurse him until 4.”  He self-weaned at 15 months and broke my heart.  He’s my baby.  He makes me realize why my mom still baby’s my brother.  He’s her 32 year-old baby and he gets the “honor” of being her last.  I’m either at the age where my brother’s baby-ing doesn’t irritate me (every older sibling is mad at the baby) or I’m at my parenting stage where I completely understand the Baby deal.   I realize it’s the later, but I’d like to think I’ve matured.  I have matured just enough to know that it will always irritate me at some point.  I want the Baby pass, but I’ll never get it because I’m not the Baby.

Our Babies get an unspoken pass on the tiny things.  They get forgiven cause it’s cute.  Our Babies loosen us up in the parenting department.  Our Babies are our “I Got This” flag with parenting.  Our Babies reminds us that we’re relevant for a little longer.  The Baby reminds us of our final dance with baby-parenting.  And one day when we finally accept it, the Baby is our swan song of parenting.  

Today is my Baby’s birthday.  

Today, I’m officially the mother of two Boys.  And I won’t lie, it feels bittersweet.

Yes, he’ll always be my Baby and I’ll selfishly/honestly cling to that fact.

Don’t get confused, he’s not my favorite.  He’s my Baby.


Favorite funny phrase: I just burped and his mouth was open.  Don’t cross both sets of fingers.  Cause that’s for the devil.

Favorite moves: Dancing.  The kid has moves.

Favorite Moment in 2013: Going to Kindergarten.  “It’s time to go, Mom.”

Favorite thing for Mom to do: Scratch down his arm or back.  And “walk” back up.

Nicknames: Becks,  Becks Boo, Burpster

How old are you: 6

What’s your favorite color: Black

What’s your favorite animal: Penguin

What’s your favorite book: I like to read about dinosaurs.

What’s your favorite TV show: Spider-Man, Adventure Time, and Regular Show

What’s your favorite movie: Spider-Man

What’s your favorite song: Gangnam Style (for the record, this hurt to type)

What’s your favorite food: Pizza and Tomatoes

What’s your favorite drink: Milk and Chocolate Milk

What’s your favorite breakfast food: Pancakes

What’s your favorite snack: Dry cereal

What’s your favorite game: Minecraft for PS3

What’s your favorite toy: Lego

Who’s your best friend: Jack, Brody, Adam, Mya, Liam, Ryan

What’s your favorite thing to do: Play video games

What’s your favorite thing to do outside: Play basketball

What’s your favorite holiday:Halloween

What do you like to take to bed with you at night: Owl Blankie

Where is your favorite place to go: Zoo

What is your favorite restaurant: Steak n’ Shake

Where do you want to go on vacation: Legoland

What do you want to be when you grow up: I don’t know