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Twenty Fourteen

I’m not opposed to resolutions.  Nor am I anti-resolutions.  I’m mid-resolutions.

I just resolve to be a better person.

  • To be kinder.
  • To scream less.
  • To snuggle more.  With everyone in the house.  Even the new hamster.
  • Read more.
  • Take more stock photography.
  • Take more photos that show actual faces and less details. Or at least a healthy mix.
  • Take more photos at event-worthy moments.
  • Quit adding to the plastic bag pile in the pantry.  Or at least recycle them.
  • Say Twenty Fourteen and not Two Thousand Fourteen.
  • Write more.
  • Save more (Disney is coming at some point)
  • Say “Thank You” more.
  • Quilt for others more.

So let’s kick off the year by combining the last two bullet points.

I made this quilt for our neighbors as a “Thank You.”   Our neighbors are pretty much the most awesome neighbors you can find. * Seriously.  I bet if I needed a kidney, they’d be first in line.  And we’d be first in line for them.  I’ve tried to pay her and she’s swatted it away saying, “That’s what neighbors do.”

So this is what I do.  I make things.

I decided to make this quilt as personal as I could make it for them.  The pattern allowed it and those fabrics made working on it more enjoyable. Being  in an office makes quilting a much longer process, I figured I’d never get it done.  But one day I got nutty and sewed like a mad woman.  The only issue I had with the pattern was the final size.  I actually cut each block, used my piecing foot, added two inches to the center and it still came out smaller than the written dimensions.  But it’s the perfect size for a picnic, beach, or to watch a movie under.




I think this is my route with quilting for 2014.  We’re pretty stocked on family quilts.  You really can have too many quilts and then it becomes gross.   Our house might just be at its Gross Quilt Limit.  I’ve already got the next two “Thank You” quilts brewing.  I’d give a number of quilts to my resolution, but that’s limiting.  And that’s not very Twenty Fourteen of me.


Quilt Info:

Mosaic Tiles

“Modern Bee: 13 Quilts to Make with Friends”


* See that white dresser behind the couch?  From them.  For free.  Yep, awesome.

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