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Yesterday and most of this morning, I was so grateful to be done with this Gratitude project.  I wasn’t feeling particularly grateful and I hate to phone it in for this project.  I also hate quitting hence the phoning it in part on some of the days.  So gratitude for an end was going to be my final Gratitude post.  But how bitchy would that be?  Me whining about not feeling thankful?  Praising an end, so I can immerse myself in my stressful life?  Completely bitching and self-serving.  That’s an awful way to end a really good-feeling project.  I couldn’t do that.

And I came around the corner to a huge blob of light.  I’m still getting used to the light in the house.  “Getting Used To” is a very nice phrase for “Finding the Light” because the new house lacks it compared to the old house.  I took a picture, quit the whining in my head, and got to work on the day.  I’m grateful to be pretty busy with photography work.  I’m grateful that both boys are healthy and were being cared for by competent caregivers.  I’m grateful that my husband is an equal partner in this marriage.  He’s held down the house for the past two nights and is actively helping with said busyness.  I’m grateful for friends who constantly push, support, and inspire.  I’m grateful for an upcoming work trip that will allow me to see my youngest sister.  I’m grateful we paid all the bills and it doesn’t feel like we’re going to survive on bread crumbs and water until the next paycheck.  Most important, I’m grateful for all the love that I’m given.

While I’m very happy that the Gratitude project is over, I’m pleased that I jumped in on this last day and took a hearty lap around the Gratitude pool.  It was refreshing, but now it’s time to get to work, people.

And I’m grateful to do that.

Day 30:  I’m happy for the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can almost stand in it…  Soon.