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30 Seconds of Happiness and Gratitude

For years, I spent November blogging/photographing once a day about Gratitude.  Some days it was easy to rattle off a number of gratitudes.  Some days it was all I had to be grateful that the day was almost over.  I’ve skipped it for the past two years.  Part of me was thrilled and the other part missed the practice.

A few weeks ago, I thought “Maybe I’ll bring it back in 2016.”
A few hours later, I thought “I can’t do it.”

And then a couple of days later, my lovely and very talented friend, Xanthe Berkeley, announced that she was going to make and share her films every day in November.  I love this idea.  As a photographer, there’s something so beautiful about watching a film I’ve created.  My kids move and talk for once in my art!

A few minutes after reading her post I thought, “I can do THIS project!”

A few seconds later, I thought “Nope.  That’s a lot of editing and posting and that’s NOT happening these days…”

But I miss the Gratitude project.  I miss pushing my vulnerability limits.  I’m not real smooshy with my People.  I miss what even the shitty posts gave me: a chance to be happy even during boring/dark/meh days.

Picking up my big camera still isn’t a priority, but I need to complete a Gratitude project this year.

What’s a Lazy Gal to do?!

Think, Erika.  Think…

<light bulb moment>
I’m bringing back my One Second a Day project for November!
One Second of Gratitude!

I can handle that!  Just find one moment of happiness/gratitude and film it for the whole month.


Want to search out your own gratitude?  Want to play along?!

You do?!

Perfect.  Here’s an FAQ on how to make a One Second video.

Round One
Round Two