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30 Day One Second Challenge

I had a few days off before the “new” job started.  I’m not used to being home alone, so I was lost.  Kind of shuffled and toyed with plans, but mostly just moped around.  After posting my Midwife birth, I stared scrolling through older posts and I fell on the year of One Seconds.   My finger hovered over the sideways triangle.

“Why would you do this to yourself, Erika?” I asked as I clicked PLAY.  But when I wallow, I do it in dramatic fashion.  I don’t fuck around.  I knew I’d watch the moment I accepted the job.  I knew about the time frame where I started enjoying the job.  And I knew I’d see co-workers.  I knew I’d get overly depressed about the situation one more time.

But I didn’t.  Sure, I got a little sad about not seeing my friends in the same capacity.  But over anything else, I was so grateful for the year: the boring bits, the fun parts, every single second.  And I knew it was time.

In the words of the genius Mr. Warren G, “Mount up!”

Who wants a challenge?  Who wants to One Second life for 30 days?  Commit to a month.  You miss a few days?  So what.  Maybe it will lead to two months.  Maybe a year.

Don’t wait for an important day.  Just start.  Start it on an average day because God willing, most years are filled with average days.  Average days filled with seemingly boring beauty until you appreciate it.

You don’t have to be a photographer.  You don’t have to be creative.  You don’t need kids.  You don’t need an exciting life.

You need a phone.  The app.  And a desire to truly fall deeper in love with the life you’ve got.  Sick of the Oprah mumbo jumbo?  I get it, but I’ll throw it at you if it helps you play along with me.  Because one thing I discovered this year is that I’m much better with a group of folks than shuffling around my house all alone.

30 days.  30 Seconds.

Start by downloading the app and I’ll work on a FAQ if anyone wants to play with me.**  

Comment here or on the FB page and we’ll find a way to regulate our seconds (<— Warren G call back.  I shouldn’t be left home alone any longer.).

May 2013 :: May 2014 from Erika Ray on Vimeo.

** shit that sounds dirty…  I guess I could write one of those too.

  • Lashawn - Challenge excepted!May 20, 2014 – 11:50 amReplyCancel

    • Lashawn - And that was supposed to be accepted. ( damn iPhone….)May 20, 2014 – 11:51 amReplyCancel

  • Natalie - Get ready…challenge accepted…May 20, 2014 – 2:59 pmReplyCancel

  • Diana - I started 1SE at the beginning of the year because of you. It is such a great idea that I started another timeline to capture my daughter’s first year (she’s 3 months now). I guess what I’m saying is thank you for sharing this!May 20, 2014 – 7:23 pmReplyCancel

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