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29:30 Days of Gratitude


Today, I flew into Tampa for two trainings.  And I’m sitting here waiting to get onto the first leg of my trip home.  My true gratitude will be if I get home.  Flying through Atlanta always scares me.  Having a 20 minute lay-over is even more frightening.  If my head hits my own pillow tonight, I’ll be grateful.

But in order to blog today’s gratitude, I’ll throw this up in case I’m sleeping on a chair in ATL.  The scarf above helped me sleep on my flight this morning.  Blocked out the sun and helped save my neck.  If I am sacked out in an airport tonight, this nugget will double as a pillow and/or a blanket.  So in the end, I guess I’m really grateful for this scarf.  But I’ll still take my own pillow as the greatest way to end this day.

Fingers crossed this is a temporary gratitude.  I’ve slept in O’Hare and it wasn’t comfortable.  I’m guessing Atlanta isn’t much better.



Maybe I’ll give you an airport bar scene next.  Or maybe I’ll just people watch…