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29 :: 30

I still get emails about my Click Mom’s breakout session (I love this interview).  A couple months ago, I removed it from their store.  Please don’t ask why or push me for a reason, I don’t have one.  Clickin Moms is a talented and supportive group of women.  And I was proud to part of the group for a couple months.

Every few weeks, I get an email from a lovely person asking if they can buy it.  And I always oblige.

I keep meaning to create a page for Get Real.  I keep meaning to dust it off and make it prettier.  Someday…  But how about until that happens, I have a sale?

Tis the season for sales.

Send me an email by using the Contact tab or leave a message on my Facebook page.

Until Monday, you can have it for the very reasonable price of $30 (Get Real PDF, my favorite Artsy-Fartsy Books, some videos with my actual voice…)

Paypal only.

29 :: 30

My own little Flash Sale.