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One Second Everyday June to July

The best part of the 365 is the final day and when you can watch your entire year flash by.  But the One Second project gives you that satisfaction so much faster.  And with a quirky little plus called, “movement”!  Go figure.  Actual life is kinda cute.

I will say, it has become a little more difficult now that I’m working.  If you see a tv shot, I almost forgot.  We don’t watch “Two and Half Men” any more, but I needed a clip.  I try really hard to hit the highlights of our day.  And by “highlights” I really mean the daily rituals.  Or sameness.  Or boring everyday bullshit.  And when it’s all strung together, I’m reminded that life has been pretty good to us.

Here’s our pretty good June 4 through July 4.

June 4- July 4 from Erika Ray on Vimeo.