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Yesterday, Becks had a complete melt-down because his Lego missile didn’t work.  A massive melt-down that needed to work itself out away from the family.  We went up to his room and I explained he was allowed to scream and yell in his room.  I went downstairs and heard a huge crash followed by an even louder crash.  I marched upstairs and explained that his father and I paid good money for those chairs he just threw on the ground (yes, I had a fully realized Mom Moment). He was more than welcome to punch his pillow or stuffed animals.  He proceeded to scream, “I hate this house.  This stupid stupid house.”  I went back downstairs and let him work it out until he calmed down.  When I went back up, we discussed how sometimes being four and the Baby Brother can be rough.  That sometimes the things you want to do in your head, can be really hard to create with your hands.  He told me that he was really upset that I didn’t help him with his missile.  I apologized and said “Next time, if you ask nicely and don’t scream at me, I’ll help.  I like when people are nice.”  As we walked to the bathroom he said, “I’m sorry for those mean things I said.  I didn’t mean them.  I was really angry.”  Sometimes even four shocks me.

Today, Coop said, “I’m gonna run to the doors.”  “Go on,” I said as he usually does when we pick up Becks at daycare.  He took a 1/4 of a stride and then he stopped.  Hugged me and said, “Naw, I think I’ll stay by your side.”

Today I’m grateful for the sweet words kids are capable of saying.  Sometimes the “No’s” and the sibling arguments are so loud that they muffle their tender words.  I wish they happened a thousand times more than the “No’s” and the arguments, but maybe I should listen a little more.

Day 26: I was able to hear their quieter words.