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My friends know I have a camera (I also hope that they think I know how to use it). But I’m always afraid that I’m bullying them with it.  “Let me photograph your birth!” is what I think I’m screaming in their face every second of their pregnancy.  “Let me photograph your babies” is what I’m afraid I’m screaming every second that baby is out.  I really hope it isn’t that blatant, but in my head that’s the soundtrack.  Please friends if I’m bullying, I don’t mean it.  Whether I was screaming it or it was all in my head (probably a mix of both), I’m just grateful they let me into their home a week after they’ve had a baby.

Today, I had the pleasure of hanging out with one princess and one that might be in training.  Having two boys, I don’t have a lot of princess-time.  It’s a new thing for me.  Sometimes princesses get a bad rap, but I hung out with one of the coolest princesses this morning.  She showed me her dance moves.  I’ve seen both her parents dance and this child got the best moves from her Mom and Dad.  I can tell you this Princess knows how to crack a pistachio and can do some mean wrestling moves with a stuffed tiger.  And guess what else she showed me?  How she’s going to be an awesome big sister.

Day 25: Hanging with princesses.