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Week 2 happened much faster than I anticipated.  I’m out-of-town for work and then I’m heading out of the country to hang out with some of my very favorite ladies. It was shoot on Tuesday or hope that I remembered to snap some shots Friday morning.  Tuesday it was, my friends.

I’m not a Portrait player.  I’m a “Here’s the Story” player.  My photographic strengths are finding the story and showing you how it unfolds.  Portraits where someone stares deep into the camera?  Not my power play.  I rarely say “Look at the camera.”  And if I do, I do it quick and snap faster.  Usually the best photo from that snapfest is the one right after when the person is laughing at my gaffs.  But a solid portrait is nice.  People love portraits.  People desperately want portraits.  I don’t care if my albums are void of portraits, but that’s not right.  I need to fix this and work on creating stronger portraits.  Today’s photos highlighted my desire to solve this problem.

The youngest is barely giving it to me and the oldest is looking just shy of the camera.  I’ve got 50 weeks to work on this problem.