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24 :: 30

Work is slow right now.  It always is starting this week until January.   I can’t say if it will last as long as it did in the past because the job has changed.  What I can guarantee is that this week it’s impossible to get a manager on the phone, so it’s a tiny little break.

In the past, I LOVED this period.  Leading up to the holiday season, I would drive a thousand plus miles and have to be face-to-face with angry stores.  This break allowed me to recharge.  Get the house in order.  Clean out my office.  But I didn’t have that hellish season this year because I just came back to the job.  So I’m kind of wandering the house.

Laundry is done.  The house is tidy.  And I’m tapped out on the hobbies.  I don’t have a desire to use my camera beyond my 365.  Writing?  Please, I’m barely eeking out a post.  I made so many quilts I’m sick of my machine.  I’m not worried about my boredom from the things that usually bring me release.  This kind of thing happens and slides away at the perfect moment.  But it still means I’m bored most of the day.  I’m this close to binge eating, QVC shopping and drinking at inappropriate times.

What’s stopping me from starting the last three “hobbies”?

I’ve read some good books lately and that usually gets me back into a decent head space.

Who knows?  Maybe tomorrow I’ll clean out the pantry or figure out what’s making all the squeaking gnawing sound in the room above the dining room…

24 :: 30 

Other people’s words.

I’m very late to the Anne Lamott train.  Sure I’ve read “Bird by Bird”, but I didn’t fall under her spell as so many others have.  “Small Victories” might do that for me.  She’s a little God-y for my usual taste, but her words keep the book in my hands.

I’m not a Steven King fan.  He’s just not my thing.  But I’m been wanting to read “On Writing” forever.  Seeing it placed on the cheap bookstore’s wrong shelf felt like a sign.  So I picked it up and haven’t been able to put it down.

I am an Amy Poehler fan.  Sometimes I think that women past the Taylor Swift generation get screwed.  Who are we supposed to lean on?  Amy Poehler can be that shoulder.  Please pick it up.  It’s that simple.  Pick it up.