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Another 30 Days of Gratitude rule I have is to pick something I’m grateful for from the actual day.  If it’s a crazy day, I start looking early.  Sometimes I need to get things out-of-the-way.  Other days, I have a perfectly good Gratitude post written in my head and then something new and better pops up.  But I won’t take a picture from Day 25 and post about it on Day 26.  You can.  But I won’t.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think ahead.  Today, I thought ahead and then focused on the moment when it occurred.

Yesterday during our fourth phone call, I said to Suzanne, “You should come over on Friday.  Let’s have a Happy Hour.”  I knew on Thursday that her visit would be my Gratitude post.

Some days we talked on the phone six times.  We  have jobs and personalities that allow for that style of conversation.  We can sit in front of the computer, scan the same photo and discuss it.  But now that we live on the same street, it was time that we dropped the phones and hung out.  She brought Bloody Marys, her kids and I simply opened my door.

We discussed FB’s latest photo rants.  We chased Grey around the house as he ran with scissor and stole candy.  She helped solve my curtain dilemma   We helped the kids with their artwork.  We started the weekend early.  We mainly did what we always do: we talked.  But it was better because we were able to do it while sitting together on my kitchen floor.

Day 2: I’m grateful that I live on her street.