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22 & 23 Days of Gratitude

Day 22

I was able to get home in time to run out for a good friend’s surprise birthday party.  Exactly what I needed after my very short but hectic work week.  I was also reminded of how much I love my friends.  And just how long we’ve all been around.  When you have to ask, “Have we ever done Karaoke?”  It’s been a while.  And you know our years have been filled with so many good times if you can’t remember something like karaoke.  Last night, I was grateful for my friends and those years.


Day 23


Today was full of cleaning up spreadsheets and telling Cooper, “One more minute, promise”.  It was usually a lie.  It was always like another 10 minutes, but I was always aiming for one minute.  And then packing.  Packing.  Cleaning.  Last minute gift prepping.  Packing.  The usual holiday junk.  But I really believe that all of today’s insanity will only make the holiday even better.  My MIL doesn’t know this yet, but I plan on being the laziest woman ever.  Yes, I’ll help her cook because I like to cook.  But I’ll do it with a glass of wine and so much gabbing that I’ll forget if she wanted three carrots chopped or ten.

While I was getting ready, the boys were watching too much tv. Then I heard it go dead and Coop asked Becks if he wanted to play a game.  I heard a “yes” and a two thuds on the ground.  I peeked in and saw Coop reading the rules and watched Becket stare at him with a look only a baby brother can give.  And then they started.  I don’t know if it was the proper way to play the game.  But for the moment it was perfect.  Cooper won most games.  He helped Becks win a few rounds.  They laughed and finally gave in to full on wrestling.  It’s how most things end in our house.

Today, I’m grateful that Coop picked up my slack.  He entertained his brother and the house sanity was balanced.  For a couple minutes…

Next week I’ll play catch with my Gratitude project.  Where we’re heading WiFi doesn’t reach.  But I’ll finish out the project next week.  During the break, I’m going to upload some of my favorite holiday photos.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Eat lots of turkey.  Sleep during the afternoon.  Drink glasses of wine with loved ones.  Watch so much football your bum hurts.  Play some board games and laugh so a drink shoots out of your nose.  Make magical leftover sandwiches.  And relax with friends and family.