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21 :: 30

I remember when I talked to my first boss about the job he said, “You can put headphones on and do the job.  That’s a plus!”

Yep, only when you can listen to Howard and Spotify.

Monday through Wednesday, I catch the Stern show (psst…anyone with an IN, get me tickets to the birthday show!).  I don’t listen to it all the way through.  I do have to work.  But throughout the day, I probably listen to 95% of the show.  “I’m a turtle” is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

The rest of the time and week, I scavenger on Spotify.  I make playlist for the season (basically new songs and songs I’m not sick of yet)  Mark makes the ultra smooth Time Life playlist from late LATE night tv.  I take suggestions from co-workers and I keep it  random.  All of that adds some spice to the week.

21 :: 30

Realizing that I’m laughing out loud/lip-syncing at the desk and finding someone new to love.