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20 Things About Me

As promised in yesterday’s blog post, a little bit of personal info about me.  Ignore the very business like blog title for today.  “Erika Ray Photography” should be replaced with “I Love My PJ” or “Why Can’t I Wear PJ Pants to” for today’s post.  Because let’s be honest, pj pants are awesome.

1. I like red wine.  And I’m not afraid to drink it from a box.  Please note in the above photo that I always use a glass.  I have some manners.

2.  I was obsessed with this song in high school.  This one in college.  And this one right now.

3. I didn’t cry when I delivered my boys.  And I’ve stopped thinking there was something wrong with me.  I just didn’t cry.  Play the coffee commercial when the kid gets home from over-seas & I’m a mess.  Go figure.

4. However I did cry (not bawling, but tears were there) & ask for my Mom while I was being stitched up.  It hurt & she was there.  What’s a girl to do?

5. I’ve never had a bunch of close girlfriends.  In high school, I had two.  And one of those was my sister.  In college, I had one towards the end.  I didn’t avoid having female friends because I thought it was easier without them, I just had more male friends.

6. I can’t imagine my life without my current female friends.

7. I drink too much coffee when I work from home.

8. I’m dreading the day when my kids lose their teeth.  I have a weird phobia.  Yesterday’s episode of Handy Manny almost did me in.  One of the character’s tooth fell out & got stuck in the drain.  Manny had to “rescue” it.  Boys, if that happens in our house, you’re screwed.

9. Currently, I have a huge crush on Daniel Tosh.  Right now, I’m giggling like a school girl because I typed his name.

10. If Adele and someone from Mumford & Sons would have a baby, I might lose my mind with happiness.

11. I love a good Pale Ale.

12. For some unexplained reason, I read Buddhism books when I fly.  I don’t pick them purposely for flights.  It just happens.

13. I finally learned that jeans should be slightly uncomfortable when you purchase them.  If not, they’ll stretch and you’ll look like you’re walking around with a dump in your pants.  The dump look is never fashionable.

14. As a girl, I never planned my wedding or named my future children.

15. I did play mass with my sisters.  My dad did not like it when we used Cheez-Its for our communion.  I get it now.

16. My husband and I have the same unreturned library book about old Disney animation.

17. I cook what I want for dinner.  After too many dinners went uneaten, I gave up trying to make everyone happy.  Some days the kids won’t even eat grilled cheese!  It’s easier on life if I enjoy what I’m cooking.

18. Motherhood is really hard and no one properly explains this.  And I don’t think you’re ever 100% ready for a child.  And that your delivery is probably going to be extremely messy.

19. Mosquitoes love me!  And I love to scratch their aftermath.  I don’t really love to scratch, but I have to do it.  My youngest son is also a magnet for the critters.

20. I stick my foot in my mouth a lot.  I’ve gotten better about not fixating on my error.  I’m guessing most times people weren’t listening or were even that offended by what was said.  I should think more before I talk.  Or type…


There you go!  20 nuggets about me that aren’t professional.  I hope it doesn’t bother you and you enjoyed them.  Make your own list and share it.  It feels good.