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The 20th of every month means a OSE Month has wrapped.  I love these days.  I love the month all smooshed together.  You want to know what I love more than my smooshed months?

Your smooshed  months!

My sisters will occasionally share theirs on FB and I get a glimpse into their daily lives.  Neighbors share theirs and I see my boys and myself pop up in their months.  Online friends share a broader view of their lives.  I enjoy seeing how our lives unfold.  It’s so similar and comforting.  Dinners being made, games being played, pets running, loved ones laughing,  and even those same loved ones rolling their eyes at the camera.  I’m nosy and this gives me permission to look in your “windows”.

But I also love it for a non-creepy reason.  I love what daily projects do for a person.  It provides focus.  Attention to your life.  I forces you to open up your eyeballs and say, “Hell yeah.  This life is pretty damn good.”  Maybe you’re more appreciative about the mundane bits of life.  But for me, I get bogged down by them.  Wake up, pack lunches, go to work, homework, chores, bed time, chores, repeat.  This and other daily projects strip away the boring bits and highlight the simple nuggets.  And when I smoosh them, I get excited (at least semi-excited:I hate packing lunches) about the repeat part.

Try it out.

I’m not wrong.

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Another month smooshed.

One Second A Day :: October-November from Erika Ray on Vimeo.