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19:30 Days of Gratitude

Part of the deal with the Gratitude project is a picture must be taken of something you’re grateful for.  That’s easy.  Part of the deal with a 365 project is you take a picture everyday.  That’s also easy.  Nothing says that picture have to be fantastic, but they have be taken.  Today’s 365 is done.  But nothing for the gratitude project.  I’ll never take a Gratitude photo just to take one.  I could have snapped one of the boys and called it a day.  But that’s too easy.  And then it dawned on me.

Enter screen shots.  Again.


Today, I was determined to finish editing our family’s Summer cabin trip.  Usually, I edit everything very quickly.  I hate having RAW files taking space on my computer.  I’m usually neurotic about it.  I shoot.  And I edit.  I love being as close to the moment of when I took the actual picture.  I want the edit to reflect the moment rather than me creating a new moment.  But I’m also realistic.  I know that if I don’t edit right away, I won’t do it.  All that magic from the picture’s moment will dwindle away and I’ll be stuck with files nagging me to edit.  It’s unacceptable to let them sit for almost four months.  I have no good excuse other than I really didn’t want to spend the time.

But today, I finally wrapped them up.  It was nice to relive the fun with had that weekend.  And it makes me miss summer, water balloons, campfire, and my family.  Today, I’m grateful I powered through and crossed one thing off my list.