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18 :: 30

As a kid, you hear a lot about how everyone is different.  I think it helps kids accept differences in their friends group.  How many times have you heard adults say, “I was friends with everyone.  I wasn’t part of one group.”  Differences were valued more than similarities.  I could write an entire post on that topic, but for now…  Stay here.

I agree it’s a valuable lesson for kids (even most adults), but I also think it’s funny.  Look at your core group.  Notice the similarities…  Maybe you’re a bunch of conservatives with a few token liberals.  Perhaps you’re a bunch of hipsters with a couple of traditionalists tossed in.  You flock together.

Be honest, your friends are pretty darn similar and I think that’s ok.

You’ve found your tribe.

And while my friends are close to who I am, they’re better.  They’re who I wish I was.

Below is a perfect example of one of my many valued friendships.  While most of these women live far away, they never flinch.  When you need them, they come.  When you’re quiet, they ask if you’re ok.  When you’re down, they rally.  When you hope, they send mojo.  When you win, they celebrate.  They make you laugh and make you cry.  They make you feel normal.  They make you better.  And those are the qualities of a good friend.  It’s that simple.

She didn’t “ask” to change the name of the group.  She made is more appropriate and we all agreed.

As I get older, I’m more aware of Good Friends’ necessity in my life.  During the second half of life, I’m going to try really hard to repay the same unflinching love and humor.

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18 :: 30

Finding your tribe.