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I’m crabby.  I’m cold and crabby.  I’ve been trying to get warm all stupid day.  Parent Teacher Conference, grocery, dinner, getting the mail, picking up Becks, and everything else that requires me to go outside is keeping me FUCKING cold.  Which is keeping me crabby.  And crabby does not make for a grateful person.

But part of the deal is I have to find a gratitude for every day.  So here goes:

  • I have only one thing of lip balm in the house.  My lips have started to grow their scaly winter skin.  I forget to buy another one or the store only has flavors.  I hate flavored lip balms.  So I only have one.  And I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it.  But I think I know where it’s at.  I think.
  • I still get a little bored during the day.  So I sort of pace around the house.  Laundry is done.  Dishes were done. Fine the house isn’t spotless, but pacing was better than scrubbing.  So I paced.  I guess it’s better than sitting on the couch.
  • I’ve decided I’m not a fan of Hibachi grills.  It feels weird, there’s too much food, I haven’t had amazing dinners (just lots of food), and it takes FOREVER.  But we figured the boys might enjoy it.  They did a little bit, but we had much better options and they agreed.  We crossed that off our list.
  • The weather guy just said, “There’s a cooldown coming and more snow.”  He said it with a smile.  It makes me want to punch him in the face and that sort of feels good.
  • I picked up a bottle of wine cause I’m crabby and cold.  It has a screw cap because I figure I’d probably break the cork.  And I can’t deal with that debacle tonight.  Screw cap saved a possible table flipping incident.
  • For some reason, Becks is singing a Spice Girls song which means now I’m singing the Spice Girls.  It was fun for about three seconds.  But I got three seconds of “fun” out of it.
  • I wrote a pissy/crabby yet “grateful” post.  And I don’t care that I’m still crabby.