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17:30 Days of Gratitude

Today was a day where things didn’t play out they way I had hoped.  I hate those days.  I’m not saying I cling to what I expect to happen.  I just sort of hope when you show up, the other person does too.  Then I stewed for three hours back home.  Only to have my sulking broken by long dramatic phone calls and you’ve got yourself a shitter of a day.  None of this requires anyone to say, “I’m so sorry.”  It is what it is.  No one is hurt or dead.  It’s just the crappy side of life.

But when I got home, there was a brown envelope.  Don’t you love when you forget that you’ve ordered something?  And right before you see it, a quick jolt of excitement because you remember!

I ordered some magnets from Rosina W. Photography.   Not only is she a talented photographer, she’s a pretty swell gal.  There’s a ton to love about her work.  This is my current favorite project and I’m excited to watch the rebuild through her lens.   Sevagram is a special project Rosina is doing to help out the families in her area.  The holidays are coming.  We all need great gifts.  These magnets could be split up and given as an add-ons to your favorite teachers, baby-sitters, or paper carrier.  Or they could be given as a complete set to someone who demands something unique.  Tiny bite-sized pieces of beautiful art to stare at everyday.  Plus they help people.  What more do you want, people?

Today, I was grateful for a surprise in an envelope.  Today, I’m grateful that people use their talents to help others.  Today in a sea of poo, I was grateful for these tiny squares of cuteness.