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16:30 and 8:52

It’s Friday and it has felt like the longest week ever.  Today, I’m combining two projects in one post: 52 Weeks of Portraits and Gratitude.

The boys are really into jinxing each other.  Becks is jinx’d way more than Coop.  He always runs up to me with Cooper trailing and ready for punches if he talks.  He taps me repeatedly until I look down and then he whispers, “Say my name three times.”  He hasn’t really figured out the rules because Coop is laughing and only gently punching him.  Today, I laid down law, “Before I say your name all three times, I get a portrait.  Ok Becket?”  Worked like a charm.

Today’s gratitude is for their new friendship.  When I was pregnant with Coop, I did what all women do best during a pregnancy: romanticized.  Charlie had been with us for two years prior to Coop’s arrival.  She was the first.  But when I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait for this baby to grow up with his best friend, Charlie.  Charlie would be so protective over him and never leave his bedroom.  She’d snuggle next to him and bark if anyone got too close.  She would be the perfect dog with him.  I’m convinced that in the pregnancy hormones is also a Romanticizing chemical.  Maybe it’s what makes pregnancy doable.

But he came home and she didn’t care.  Her ears perked once when he screamed, but that was the most interest she paid him.  She still uncomfortably slept in our bed.  Pissed when I kicked her down to get comfortable for the nursing jags.  Sullen when people pushed pass her for the new baby.  She never acted out, but she absolutely knew she was replaced.  Time never fixed that.  Now when the boys go away for the weekend, she’s a puppy again.  “This is how our life was always supposed to be, Ma” she says with her wagging tail.

Right before the move something clicked with Cooper.  He paid her a lot of attention in the morning because he liked the attention she gave him as he scratched her ears.  They were slowly becoming friends.  Once we moved, their relationship intensified probably out of necessity for Charlie. The move  was hard on her.  No window to look out and no backyard to freely explore.  Stairs to the bedroom are awful for her aging hips.  She wears her misery daily.  Now that the boys beds were no longer bunk beds and she could easily get on them.  The first few days, we found her cuddled up on Becks bed.  Coop coaxed her over to his bed and she slept their for a few hours.  Last week while I was out-of-town, Mark told me that he found her in bed with Cooper all night.  She was even awake when Mark checked on the boys.  He figured she’d move, but she wagged her tail and spent the night in the boys’ room.  Seven years later she’s living my pregnancy dream.  I’ll take it.

She also snores, so I could use a break.

Day 18: Finally!  The love between a boy and his dog has arrived at our house.