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16 :: 30

We didn’t kill anyone.

We didn’t come that close.  One woman almost got a plate full of meatballs to the face, but that’d be the waste of meatballs on an Asshole.

We didn’t leave our children in the Billy aisle.

We did quietly scream at each other in Lack section, but no one stomped off.

We spent less than $500.

We crammed an unplanned rug purchase into the car.

And we didn’t get divorced because of an Ikea trip.**

16 :: 30

Tiny miracles.




**I guess there’s still one cabinet to put together.  One slip of the Allen wrench and our marriage could be doomed.

Fingers crossed we can make it.

  • stacey - This cracked me up. I always say that if I want to punish my husband I take him to IKEA on a weekend. And then I buy something that requires assembly.November 17, 2013 – 10:46 amReplyCancel

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