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I’m so grateful for Laura Yurs.  She’s the first photography stranger I actually met.  She started this ball rolling.  I’ll credit her for my growing confidence in the field.  Years ago, I figured that this woman liked Lush and was from Indiana.  How evil can she be?  Sure, I’ll meet her in person.  And from that point, I knew I lived in a safe world.  I could trust some people and with that trust I would grow creatively.  From the second I met her and avoided my husband’s “safety” calls, I knew my photography would be better.

Tonight, we caught up in a place with her photos sheltering us.  I was privileged to see her work in a glorious setting.  She explained framing and printing.  I sat in awe of her street photography and I’m excited to try out a metallic on black & whites.  We had dinner and I worried aloud with her personally and professionally.  She squashed each worry with a gentleness that is unrivaled.  Each one of her suggestions made me rethink my plan in a better way.  She put me on a greater path.  I remember one of our early meetings and I thought, “She has no clue just how amazing she is.”  Deep down she knew it.  I bet if tonight I said, “Laura, you’ve been awesome since birth, right?”  She’d sit back and say, “You know it.”  And once again, she’s gently showing me the path to confidence and creativity.  Thank you for that path.

Day 15: I’m grateful that she brings this awesomeness to my life.

** We talked about strengths. I’ll let you in on a secret.  Photographers, you can’t be great at everything.  Pick a speciality.  Newborns.  Weddings.  Kids.  Food.  Trust me, you’re really good at something.  Find it.  Laura has.  She is the most amazing street photographer I’ve seen.  There’s no one better.  You think it’s easy.  Try it.  You’ll be pissed at yourself.  And then you’ll recognize how amazing she is.  This is her core.  This is where she’s golden ever. single. time.  She taps into a heartbeat of life that you and I can’t fathom.  Deal with it, folks.