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15:30 Days of Gratitude

Prior to children, I was a good planner.  But I believe the more your uterus stretches, the more you lose your planning skills.  It’s like your body is stealing from your Planning reserves to help grow a baby.  It also steals from your Memory, Balance, Rationality, Ability to Watch SVU Without Turning into a Puddle reserves too.  Afterall, it takes a lot to grow a baby.

Do I need to add a winky face for people to understand I’m kidding?  Sort of…

Today, I had a different gratitude post planned.  I figured one of the following photos would be a nice and suitable 365.  But during the processing, something came out I couldn’t ignore.  Today, I met with a friend’s doula to discuss photographing her own up-coming birth.  We both have boys who are similar ages and we decided to meet at Jeni’s.  Right there, it was a win-win situation.  We discussed the boys, life, school, pregnancy and then I attempted to talk business.  If things don’t work out which I’d completely understand (Can you tell I’m the world’s worst business lady?  Another winky face?), I think we’d have fun hanging out.

I’m grateful for an afternoon weekday break.  I’m grateful for super cute company.  I’m grateful for a chance to try Jeni’s new holiday flavors.  I’m grateful for blue eyes.  I’m grateful that I have a three year old and sort of understand them.  I’m grateful for the good light that only exist at Jeni’s.  And I’m grateful for a chance to meet new people.