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15 Days of Flickr

I want to love Flickr again.  Flickr.  She’s my first true love.  I owe every single reborn creative cell in my body to Flickr.  Flickr gave me photography.  Flickr crafted my eye.  Flickr went into hard labor with my hobby and she pushed out an artist.  A confident and creative artist.  I owe it all to her.

Flickr made me comfortable enough to edit my photos.  I stop calling them snapshots.  I stopped saying, “I just take pictures.”  And started saying, “I’m a photographer.”  I met and fell in love with other photographers.  I gained so much confidence that I could  stand on a memorial bench at Graceland.  I stopped apologizing for taking the photo and stopped giving the “Big Camera” all the credit.

And then I didn’t need her.  Commenting was time consuming.  Images looked similar.  Things started to get cheesey and way too Oprah-ish for me.  The shine wore off and left me feeling bored and resentful.  I said good-bye.

I flirt with Flickr every now and again.  Hey sexy…  I know, I know, FB came along…  I’m sorry, but my family actually goes to FB.  Flickr don’t hate me, but I can’t do both.  I need one thing.  Geez, I’m not a whore…

I went on Flickr today to check something for a friend.  And once again, I got lost with my first Love.  She gently reminds me of my past by holding my beginnings.  She never taunts me, but simply says “Remember when all this was shiny and new?  When FB didn’t make photography trite and overdone?  Remember?” I want you back, Flickr.

Other old Flickr friends have the same desire for the beginning.  I’m not proud of all the Beginnings, but who is?  But it’s the start so we’re going back for 15 days.  Like a reunion, or the Big Chill, or the One that Got Away, or the High School Crush that You Really Can Get Now, or the comfortable embrace of a loved one.

15 days.

Upload to Flickr for 15 days.

We’re starting on May 2 because you can’t plan this stuff.  You just do it.

And then we can go back to ignoring Flickr.

There’s even a group.  Cause that’s what we did in the good ole days: made groups.


  • jess - this post and being on the road made me go do some quick edits so i’ve got some back ups if i don’t have time later in the week. you make for a good ass kicker. now, if you could help me get my ass in gear to lose about 20 pounds . . .May 2, 2014 – 1:28 amReplyCancel

  • stacey - Ahhhh Flickr. Haven’t logged in to Flickr since last September. I’m in.May 2, 2014 – 8:50 amReplyCancel

  • Imene - I am in totally!! FB has become so busy I want to go back to photo sharing onlyMay 2, 2014 – 1:38 pmReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - To quote the beautiful LL Cool J, “Doin’ it and doin’ and doin’ it well.”May 3, 2014 – 8:31 amReplyCancel

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