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14:30 Days of Gratitude


When I’m on the road, I’m grateful for four things: Starbucks, Sirius, my Blackberry, and my GPS.  That’s all I need.  They all keep me going.  Without them, I’m a bitch, bored out of my mind, nervous my kids will land in the hospital and no one will be able to reach me, and I’m less confident about reaching my endpoint.


This also gets an honorable mention for a Gratitude: I love Adele so much, that I’m even listening to her songs remixed.  Whenever an Adele song plays on Sirius, I get a notification.  Yes, it dings all the time.  I don’t get club music.  I really don’t get when they remix something.  Nothing about it is appealing.  And I love crappy songs.  But I’ll take Adele how they want to serve her.