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I’m sure there are better things I could be grateful for today, but today’s post is a good example of “Getting it Out of the Way.”

This morning I used two appliances to fill my freezer: pressure cooker and bread machine.

A long time ago, I said “Good-bye” to white rice.  “Brown rice is good for you.  White is bad.”mantra of Healthy People.  If I was making rice at home, it was 95% of the time brown.  It takes longer and you need to be prepared so I’d bake batches of brown rice to freeze.  I was happy when I could swap at Chipotle.

But you know what?  Brown rice taste like the color brown: BLAH.  Don’t you dare say, “You haven’t made the right kind, Erika!”  Bullshit.  I’ve tried them all.  Blah in your mouth.  But I’d still bake/freeze batches of brown rice.  And when I made white rice, I’d feel a little guilty.  I could be giving my family the healthier option.

Enter the pressure cooker.  I had a random cup of white rice in the pantry, so I tried it out.

20141114-_ELR7164In a short amount of time, you get perfection.  It ends up more like sticky rice.  But it really ends up like Heaven in the damn pot.  While Mark was eating, he said with a full mouth, “It’s like I’ve never had rice before.”  That’s the best way I can describe this experience.  Eye-opening deliciousness.  So good that I’m done feeling shitty about serving white rice.  I am a grown ass woman and if I wanna serve White Rice, fuck it.  I’m serving white rice.

This morning, I was craving white rice with a simple peanut sauce (I swear I’m not pregnant.  Or shit, I should hope not).  So I made a huge batch (takes the same amount of time as a small batch) and froze what I didn’t eat.

Last Sunday, I was craving cinnamon rolls.  I dug deep into the internet and found a recipe with good instructions for freezing them (I also found some disturbing photos of clowns and donkeys.  Don’t ask).  Done. After a flash freeze, I separated the batch into two 6 rolls bags.  I greased a pan and dropped down 6 of the rock hard rolls.  Covered and left on the counter overnight.  Woke up and popped them in the oven.  Whipped up a quick frosting faster than it would have taken me to pour two bowls of cereal.  Waited and fed them to hungry little boys.  They’re cinnamon rolls, People.  I don’t have to tell you how they went over.  Cinnamon.  Rolls.


Because they’re cinnamon rolls, I want more.  This morning, I dumped the dry ingredients into the bread machine and let it work.  Rolled, sprinkled, rolled, flossed and popped in the freezer.  I’m giving one batch away and saving the other batch for our family.

You’ve got the link.  Make some.  Right now.  I’ll wait…

14 :: 30

My freezer is full and it wasn’t that difficult.