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For the past two years, I’ve done the whole gratitude thing for November.  It always seems like a good idea.  It’s always satisfying at the end of the 30 days.  But it’s a lot of work.  You got to find something to photograph.  You’ve got to edit.  And you’ve got to find some time to write it up.  And let’s be honest, some days you don’t feel that grateful.  But I do it because in the end it just feels good.

This year, November was like a ninja.  It just appeared and karate chopped me in the gut.  A post a day?!  What the hell!  I still can’t find my socks or underwear!  Nope, not this year.  I can be grateful that I took a year off.  Take that Ninja November.

But that felt wrong.  This year more than ever, I need a Gratitude month.  If you’ve ever moved, you know that once the newness and excitement settles down, dread sets in.  The Dream House you discovered after looking at a dozens shitholes has suddenly lost its luster.  The big Master bedroom has a huge crack in the ceiling.  How did we miss that?  The lights on the ceilings aren’t controlled by the switch on the wall.  The downstairs bathroom door has a lock that doesn’t work.  And a standard door knob won’t fit.  It’s always something.  And those Somethings start to pile up making you feel less than happy.  Don’t even let me mention that our old house hasn’t sold yet…  I’m afraid the weight of those Somethings are going to crush my holidays.

A Gratitude month is probably in order.

Here are my Gratitude month rules:

  • Write or photograph one thing daily that I’m grateful for.
  • Try not to only focus on the biggies (family, health, etc.).  I could write 30 days of gratitude for the kids, husband, health, job, etc.  Looking for the less obvious is harder but more satisfying.
  • Not flip out if I miss a day.  I’ll be nice to myself if I forget.

Here’s what I’m hoping I get to write about:

  • The old house goes into contract.
  • A newborn visit.
  • Dinner with friends.
  • New holiday traditions.
  • A house project that goes smoothly.
  • Finding all that missing underwear.

Day 1:  I’m grateful for ignoring Resistance and doing the Gratitude month.