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12:30 Days of Gratitude


A long long time ago, I sat around a bar discussing the merits of the newest Star Wars.  After a while, I sipped my beer and soaked up all the nerd power.  I had to be quiet and mind my business.  I said it was horrible, I got yelled at by six hardcore fans.  A few years later, Mark agreed, so I feel justified.  From that table I still see a few of those men.  One being my husband and our friend, Billy.  Thinking back to that night, if we actually thought about having a family, someone might have laughed and then vomited.  The thought would have been too big and almost dangerous.  But life moves on and gives way to new challenges and new joys.  Graduation, job, job loss, sickness, relationships, marriages, new babies.  I am thrilled that we all grew up and got to this moment.  I’m grateful for a moment when I could help throw him a baby shower.

He threw us a baby shower for Cooper.  It felt only right to help shower love on his own bundle of joy.  We were first in our circle of friends to have a child and that wasn’t easy.  There was no “How to Have a Kid & Keep Your Friends” manual.  No one to get advice from.  For a while I felt like a fish out of water.  But I’m also 100% positive that being one of the last to have a child is also difficult.  There’s too many people sharing scary stories.  Too many people saying, “Just wait”.  Too many people ready to say, “Here’s what we did” quickly followed up with the apologetic “But it might be different for you.”  I realize no new parent wants to hear this and I realize it’s incredibly difficult for current parents to be quiet.  So I’m sorry for my slips.

But if they’re frightened (aren’t all new parents?), they have nothing to worry about.  My friends are going to be fantastic parents.  They are surrounded by a supportive and loving family.  It’s the first Grandchild for both sides.  This is an event which will never be recreated.  They set the course for the next chapter in their families’ story.  They get to watch their parents settle into a new fantastic role, probably the greatest role on earth: grandparents.  Sisters get to become Aunts who will reap the benefits of parenting without the responsibility.

They have friends who can’t wait to welcome a new baby into the group.  More arms will be put to use because there will be a new baby for all of us to pinch and snuggle.   We’ll have one more boy to add to our crew of hooligans.  The boy:girl ratio is out of control in our circle of friends.  I’m thrilled to meet them as parents.  And I’m excited for the next chapter in our friendship.

The next time I see them, I’ll get to hold their son.

And that’s beyond anything I could have imagined while sitting in the bar more than a decade ago.

Good luck.  I can’t wait for the text.