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I’m shooting all day for 12.12.12.  I haven’t shot this much in a very VERY long time.  Even during my 10 on 10 day, I found it tedious.  I woke up not ready for the project and almost thought about faking sick.  Who would know?  I’d post a “I’m sorry to the FB group” and move on without having to make something special out of the day.  Once I shuffled through the fog and started coffee, I figured I might as well try to shoot our normal day even with the boring frames.  But almost mid-way through, I’m inspired to keep shooting.  Something happened.  I found enjoyment in the process, composition of the scene and editing of the day.  It was a fun challenge to make our normal pretty.  We’ve gone to the library, got ice cream, and dropped Coop off at a friend’s while I went to work.  Little bits of their day mingle with our day.  I’m not sure how long this rekindled love affair with constant shooting will last, but today I’m loving seeing our life through the camera once again.

What’s your normal look like?