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11:30 Days of Gratitude


My mother was born to be a mom.  I realized this when I had my own children.  When she is with children, she is in her element.  Things click and line up with perfection.  Cooper always came back a little smarter when he spent time at my parents’ house. She also the kind of Mom I’d hang out with because of her practicality.  We weren’t carted to the doctor’s office with every ailment.  We weren’t involved in a lot of activities.  She told me very early on, “Get a break.  Leave your kids.  They’ll be fine and you’ll be better for it.”  I believed her because I trust most things she says about babies.  This is still the best advice I’ve ever been given.  When I need help, she gives it in a way which isn’t overbearing.

If you knew my Mom, you might be surprised by this.  She is extremely opinionated and rarely admits to being wrong (twice in her life.  no joke).  I’ll probably get yelled at for that sentence, but my siblings will back me.  Many times she still mothers myself and siblings, but she never corrects or offers advice contrary to my own Mothering style.  And to me that is an amazing Mother: to be quiet when you just want to scream, “I’ve done this!  5 times!”  Even if I do something not in line with her own style of mothering, she is confident enough to realize I have her values in my core.  I was raised by her.  I was given the best map even if I decide to take a slight detour every now and then.

We’re co-hosting a baby shower this weekend and trying to help with two little boys isn’t easy.  I asked if she was busy this weekend.  And when she said No, I asked she could take the boys.  “Sure” came out quickly.  “Remember to bring warm clothes” was all she said.  I packed them and said good-bye at noon.   Before they got in the car she was really upset that she didn’t bring the iPad or iPod for them to play with during the 45 minute drive home.  I’m pretty sure as children we would have been told, “Look at the window and use your imagination.”  But she told them not to worry because they’ll be charged when they arrive at her house.

It’s good to be a Mimi.  It’s good to be my boys.

Thanks again, Mom.