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11 Questions

About a week ago, the lovely Kimberly tagged me.  I’ve been slammed at work which is why I’m slow to answer.  But here you go…

1. You get to spend one day with the artist of your choice, who would it be?

I’m sure this isn’t that difficult for some to guess.  The obvious answers first.  Yes, I’d love to hang out with Brad & Angie.  I just want to absorb their sexiness.  I’d be really interested in their humanitarian work, but I’d get lost in those yummy looks.  Yes, I’d love kicking around the day with Adele.  Ask her how she’s going to write an album about happiness.  But she’d be insulted by that.  I would be if I was Adele.  My anger is just as talented as my joy.  I assume she’d think the same but with a 5000% better voice.  Right now, I want to follow Dan O’Day.  I want to wallow in his fucking talent.

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Disney Imagineer.  Yep, I can wield a pencil.

3. Share a song that blows your mind.

Shame on you for asking.  “Fancy.”  It tells the perfect story in perfect prose and scale.  Here’s a woman who had nothing.  But her Momma knew she could be better.  She could be more.  And all she had to do was use what God gave her.  Use what Men wanted.  In the end, she had Georgia mansion and an elegant New York townhouse.

4. What do you wish you had more free time to do?


5. Do you talk to yourself….like out loud?

Sometimes when I’m driving, but I always pretend I’m on my phone.  I talk way too much to myself in my head.  So much it’s sick.  But remember, I’m alone a lot.  I have way to much time to think about what I should say or what I shouldn’t have said.  Or what I would say if the person said XYZ.  I might have issues.

6. What inspires you?

Right now, women are inspiring to me.  The sheer volume of things we accomplish on a daily basis is powerful.  The power we have as a community is something we should harness more often.  Women always seem to juggle multiple schedules, responsibilities, passions, and struggles.  Women who want more for the next generation of women.  Women who create to remember or to be remembered.  Women who survive a child’s meltdown in the grocery.  Women who survive a disease.  I know that’s pretty extreme, but life happens between those occasions and it’s the lengths women will go for that survival.  It’s why I think a Mom selling her daughter into prostitution isn’t utter rubbish (read “Fancy”).  I don’t fault Fancy Rae Baker’s mom.  I don’t.  She did what she had to do.  Listen, I don’t want my boys visiting whores.  I don’t want women to become prostitutes for a better life.  I don’t view women as whores or do I believe that women should sell their vaginas.  But she figured a way out for her daughter.  Yes, I realize it’s a song and I don’t feel like digging up a nonfiction example.  Yes, I realize there are other ways to get out of a run-down shack on the outskirts of New Orleans.  It’s the way she choose to survive and that’s fascinating to me.  I’m not advocating prostitution, but the story is inspiring and fascinating.  I’m not making light of child prostitution.  I’m well aware of the horrific outcomes to those stories.  I’ve got “Fancy” on my brain.  If you demand a better example of women overcoming something, throw a rock.

7. If you could be Queen for a day and change one thing about the world what would it be?

For women fully understand and use the power they hold.  Sometimes I’m shocked by what we don’t do and it’s because I’m in awe of what we can do as a sex.  Why we don’t step up is mind-blowing.  And I’m not talking about our sexual power.  I’m off the “Fancy” references now.

8. What is your favorite outfit, the one that makes you feel smokin hot?!?

A flannel shirt and a clean bra.

9. Have you ever eaten an entire carton of ice cream in one day?

No.  I’ll make ice cream.  But I won’t eat the shit out of it.

10. What annoys you most?

TV’s in a bar and they aren’t using close caption.  Boxed wine that doesn’t get awesome props.  More people asking, “Where the fuck is Rick Moranis or Six from Blossom?”  How come hotels always offer free male centric magazines.  Women travel for work too.  Why more people don’t love Amanda Peet.  Do you want me to go on?

11. Show me one of your favorite photographs.

Anytime my parents or my In-laws are laughing my kids, I love those photos.  Note to self: get recent photos of moms laughing with the boys.

My turn.  Play along.  I’m supposed to pick 11 people to tag, but I’m so damn busy if I had to I would just scrap the entire post.  So you can play!  Answer them in the comments, on my Facebook page, or on your own blog.  Just leave me a comment so I can check them out.  Because I’m busy my reader gets dumped without a second glance and I want to see your answers!  You don’t have to answer them all.  Just give me a nugget about you.

a. What’s your middle name and why is it your middle name?

b. What’s your actual favorite tv show?  Not the one you think is good, but the tv show you watch when you’re sick/alone/happy/private.

c. Greatest worry for the future.

d. Greatest anger about your sex.  What pisses you off the most about being a woman/man?

e. Most irritating thing people commonly say?  (“At least it’s a job” after you complain about being overworked)

f.  What’s one trend in photography you wish would go away for good?

g. What makes you cringe about humanity?  For example: you’re in a grocery store and you just saw another human do XYZ and it pissed you off.  What is it?

h.You get one night alone in a hotel.  What would you do with those hours?

i. What’s the one thing life hasn’t lived up to?  You thought as a fourth grader life would be completely different.  Tell me those difference.

j. You get to make your funeral play list.  Tell me your top 3 songs.

k. Who do you stalk on Facebook?  Old loves?  Your pediatrician?  Co-workers?  Scratch that…  Tell me who your “friend” stalks on FB.