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This is a piss poor Gratitude post.  But I guess it’s fitting because it’s about my parents.  As a parent you spend most of your parenthood bemoaning the fact that your kids don’t appreciate you.  I’ve done it a million times already and my kids are only 4 and 7.  I should be writing and re-writing this post for my parents.  Today, my mom and dad came over to Columbus just to help us.  My dad painted and my mom fixed our curtains.  Our parents routinely drop everything to help all of us.  They deserve a post worthy of tears.  But it’s Saturday night.  I’m exhausted.  We’re entertaining friends.  Their post will have to wait.  It appears that I’m a 36 year-old who still takes her parents for granted.  In post form only!  I swear to get you later this month.  I swear!

Day 10: Extremely grateful for my parents drop-everything and can-do attitude.