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10 on 10 :: July

A gave up my 366 without a hint of guilt and it felt liberating to not be tied to a project.  But over the past couple years, I’ve learned that I love and need  a project.  I had outgrown the 365 formula, but I still needed something else.  Quilting helps, but I want a photo project to push me.  A 52 weeks project isn’t enough push.  Once a week doesn’t cut it.  But a 10 on 10 is just enough to get my creative juices flowing.  It’s like a shot of photograph adrenaline.  I pick a day and shoot the hell out of it.  That’s the dirty way of explaining a 10 on 10’s point.  The classy way?  Pick a day.  Shoot once an hour.  Post 10 images on the tenth of the month.  For my project, I’m going to combine the classy and dirty version.  Pick a random day and do my best to show my day.  Hour by hour?  Maybe.  The day sucked?  So what, you’re going to get my sucky day.  I’m going to resist the temptation to chuck it and shoot a prettier more perfect version.  I’m pretty lazy, so that shouldn’t be hard.  Plus making an ordinary day look fantastic is my motivation.

My first day for the 10 on 10 was my 36th birthday.

I got the most beautiful handmade cards.

Laundry baskets didn’t give a shit that it was my birthday.  They were too busy vomiting clothes.  I had no choice but to fold them.

Coffee mugs didn’t empty themselves or walk over to the sink.  They annoyingly sat and waited for me to clean them.

My mom came to town, joined me at Jeni’s, and took the boys for the weekend.  That’s a helluva birthday gift.

Mark got off work early and we went to Comfest.  Don’t worry, my friend knew he was getting his picture taken.  This is his “I’m getting my picture taken from the blanket” pose.  I didn’t feel like composing it better or even forced myself to stand up for a better angle.  It was my birthday and I told you I was lazy.

A hour later, we made a toast to Summer.

My birthday dinner was festival food.

I stayed and celebrated for way too long.  36 isn’t the new 21, but I pretended it was.  Sort of…

And on my 36th birthday, I wrapped up my first 10 on 10.  A new photo project is the gift I gave myself.

I’m doing the 10 on 10 with a crazy and talented group of diverse photographers.  Take a little trip to Canada and go see how Michel of Ampersand Grey shot her 10 on 10.