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10 on 10 :: August

Last month, we went camping with nine kids and ten adults.  I’m not sure why I worry about the kids so much prior to the trip.  Will they be bored?  Will they get hungry?  Will they fight?  All of those concerns vanish the second the tent pops up.  Next year, I’ll worry less about them and worry more about Mark and I.  We always fight until the tent pops up.  Camp setup can be stressful, y’all.  But when the last stake has been hammer, the logs are mounted in the pit, and a can of beer is cracked, we’re golden.  Here’s a good chunk of our second day.  (psst… Photographing the second day meant I was able to skip the Camp Set-up Fight.)

Breakfast was a homemade marshmallow s’more.  There’s bacon in it, so it counts.

A little art before the other kids arrive.

My niece takes a break for a quick portrait.

We went to the beach for some sun and sand (a.k.a gravel or kitty litter)

Grey made friends with my youngest niece.

There was a strict NO ADULTS allowed in the kid tent.

Dinah brought homemade graham crackers.  And yes, they were delicious.

A fellow 10 on 10-er enjoying a s’more.

Camping is easy with kids.  You just gotta keep an eye on them.  And a hand when the fire looks so inviting.

If you haven’t been camping yet , you’ve still got time.  Find a park and some friends.  Fill up your car and hit the road.  What’s a few bug bites?  So what if the birds wake you up at 6 a.m.  Camp.  You won’t regret it.

Wonder how Michel of Ampersand Grey spent her 10 on 10 day?  Go check it out!

  • Michel - when did your boys become little men? they look so grown up!!!! I’m going to go make myself a smore’s breakfast… sans bacon. yum!August 10, 2012 – 11:40 amReplyCancel

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