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10 :: 30

We were the first of our friend group to have kids.  The next one came more than a couple years later.   We said “It will be weird to see So-And-So with a baby.”

It wasn’t.

The next baby popped up and now another couple would join us and say, “It will be weird to see So-And-So with a baby.”  Again, it wasn’t.

Most of our friends have had their first kid and we’ve haven’t said, “It will be weird to see So-And-So with a baby” in a long time.

One couple never got the “It will be weird…” statement.  The statement just wasn’t necessary because this couple having a baby just felt right. And this afternoon, I finally got to watch them do all the Newborn Parenting moves.

The swaddling, swaying, high-pitch “It’ll be ok…” little finger sucking, the newborn parent O face, stories of poo, gas, sleep dramas, and every other nugget that comes with being a parent.

I’m so grateful that I was able to finally watch them do the newborn dance.

10 :: 30

Seeing them as parents.






  • Jessica - Omg. These. This. Just so lovely. And its funny how quickly all the newborn dance moves feel like a familiar old dream, one you could join again if only with a little dust kicked from your shoes.November 11, 2013 – 9:53 amReplyCancel

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