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Why am I doing this?  Why?  I remain unadjusted from this job change.  I’m still trying to figure out how to balance life.  I can’t blame this feeling entirely on the job.  We’re in a new season with our children and with our own lives.  A new job didn’t make it easier…  I don’t need to add anything else to this shit-show.

Why am I doing this?  Do I hate myself just enough to endure this stress?  And hide it under the guise of being grateful?  Do I want to prove something to myself regarding this new life?  Am I trying to force myself back into regular blogging?


Every year I doubt myself.  Every year, I’m sure I’ll fail.  Every year I think it’s a ridiculous task.  Every year I wonder who will care.  But I’ve been doing it every year for the past three (or four, why count?) years and every year it ends with me feeling better.  It ends with me feeling grateful.  Humbled and happy.  Every year it’s worth all the worry, questions, doubt, and inner mocking.  It ends with me being fulfilled.

I’m bored with my 2013 Was Really Challenging Whine.  So I’ll stop.  Saying it over and over is pathetic at this point.  It was and that’s it.  Time to move on.  Let’s spend a month being grateful.  Not cheesy self-indulgent gratitude.  But simply happy for what we’ve got.

My rules are simple.  Blog about one gratitude a day.  Long or short, who gives a shit.  Deep or simple, doesn’t matter.  Try to have a photo for the post.  Picture-less post are boring and you know it.  Get through the month or don’t smack myself around if I don’t.

Play along with me.  If you do, send me a link to my email (Contact tab up top, Silly!)or on my FB page.  I’d love to see what makes you feel grateful.  And because sometimes I need stuff to read on my lunch break.

1 :: 30

Last night, we got rained on, but it wasn’t freezing.  Each kid collected at least one full-size candy bar.  There was the introduction of a gourmet snack food called: pickled egg.  A new pizza place was tested and sappy tears were almost shed.    A night filled with tradition and good friends.   Today, I’m grateful for yesterday and all the yesterdays that made it a good one.  A solid way to start the month.



  • beckie - I accept your challenge.

    But mine will run for 30 days starting Nov. 5th, because I’m just now seeing this 😉 I’ll also come back tomrrow and post a link when I actually follow through with it. Wich I have to do, or I’ll look like a big fat loser.November 4, 2013 – 10:14 amReplyCancel

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